Beer Buzz: Finding the Best at GABF

October 2012

By the time that the Great American Beer Festival's winners are announced (on the last day), there is never enough time to sample the top brews. Nonetheless, I did make a point to scan the list and look for two things: Which Colorado brews were recognized, and how many of the 250-plus medalists I actually stumbled upon during the event.

Out of this year’s 254 medalists, I found my way to just four during two days of drinking: 

Flemish Kiss; The Commons Brewery, Oregon; American-Style Brett Ale

Dr. Strangelove; Strange Brewing Co., Colorado; Barley Wine-Style Ale

Sans Pagaie; The Bruery, California; Belgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale

Whiteface Black Diamond Stout; Great Adirondack Brewing Co., New York; Foreign-Style Sout

(If I allow myself to count  the winners that I had already tasted prior to the festival, I pick up 11 more.) How many of this year’s GABF medal winners did you try?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock