Treats: Sugar Bakeshop's Sprinkles Cookie

April 2012

I'm convinced that sprinkles are the very definition of childhood nirvana. Rainbow or chocolate, the edible confetti makes cookies, ice cream cones, and cakes all the more irresistible in a child's mind. So, when I took my daughter to Sugar Bakeshop and Coffeehouse for a treat, I knew immediately which cookie she would select. I was vying for something a little more exciting (an oatmeal butterscotch cookie perhaps, or a parchment paper-wrapped lemon bar) but she was fixated on the sprinkles.

I should have known that owner Natalie Slevin would elevate even a simple decorated cookie. She bakes a cakey sugar cookie dough, swirls the top with buttercream (vanilla or chocolate), and covers every millimeter of the surface with sprinkles. The final product tastes more like the top of a cupcake (the best part!) than a mere cookie. Well done, Sugar!

277 Broadway, 720-458-5432